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Tattoo & Piercing’s Art Studio

Meet Fido Tattoo and his team

Fido Tattoo is a tattoo’s and piercing art studio founded in 2005 under the pseudonym of its founder, Alberto Ramírez “Fido”. From its beginnings as a tattoo artist, and since the date of the opening of the studio, Fido Tattoo has positioned itself in the province of Malaga as a reference thanks to the artistic and technical quality of its tattoos and piercings.

The human team of Fido Tattoo has artists and professionals with extensive experience in all kinds of styles , from the most vintage to the most groundbreaking and contemporary. From our website, and on behalf of all of us who form Fido Tattoo, we hope you discover inspiration in our jobs and encourage us to tell us what you would like to do.

The Studio

Mijas Costa, Málaga

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Tattoo Artist

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Tattoo Artist & Piercer

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Tattoo Artist

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Artist

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I believed that I had left my opinion about my experience with you ... and in any case, since 2018 that I discovered you no longer I consider another place better to record on my skin what I want to be mine. Maybe one day I let it be like who leaves me his sign is the f***ing boss !! Without forgetting the head of the reception, expensive, who already knows me even with an anti-covid mask. An example of family and team of 10 !! BIG!!Lorena

Since you enter through the door until you leave a team of 10! It has been the 4th time but I will return, thanks Fido! For perfecting something so important to me! Superoutstanding !!Patricia Rodríguez

To be my first time, I have felt very comfortable, they have helped me and recommended at all times. It's nice to go to such a place and treat you so well making you feel at home. Great professionals, attentive to the slightest detail and I personally recommend them where I go. I WILL BE BACK SOONJosé María

No doubt Nina is the queen of perfection and there is no fine line that resists her. She in love with her works and proof of this is that she will continue to see me there. And expensive is the personalized charm. A 10 for the team!Lorena

Thank you very much for the treatment and my beautiful tattoo, Nina and Caro you are great. I will come back for more ink, jijiDe la Rua

For me the best tattoo study that is great in the treatment and even more in the quality of tattoos and materials I have always tattooed with them and I will always do it, the bestJuansa

Grateful and excited for the great work you have reflected in my tattoo fido !! An artist! speechless.Sonia

Without a doubt, the best site and the best professionals .... After searching, comparing, researching and visiting more than 15 studies, I chosen it for professionalism and trust they give from the first moment. I will return, I assure you ... an unforgettable experience.Hozeliyo

Hello, I wanted to find a good tattoo study and yesterday I realized that you are the best by far roll and trust. That invites you to tattoo with you from the first moment, heheheLaura

A very cool website, the best I've seen in your sector. I hope to visit you soon and they speak to us very well about you that there is a Muuuucha publi of your work here in CordobaSabrina


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