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Guest book

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I thought I had left my opinion about my experience with you here a long time ago... and in any case, since I discovered you in 2018, I can't think of a better place to engrave on my skin what I want to be mine. Maybe one day I'll let Fido be the one to leave me his signature... but what I do know for sure is that every line, every stroke I wear from Nina is a work of art, no matter how minimalist my designs are, but she is the F***ING BOSS!!! Without forgetting the head of the Reception, Caro, who knows me even with an anti-Covid mask. A real example of family and a team of 10!!! GREAT!!!Lorena

From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, a team of 10! It was the 4th time but I will be back, thank you Fido! for capturing to perfection something so important to me!Patricia Rodríguez

Hello, I wanted to find a good tattoo studio and yesterday I realized that you are the best by far. I went from Nerja to Fuengirola but we know that it was worth it. I will be tattooing with you right away. by the way you give a very good vibe and confidence. That invites to get tattooed with you from the first moment, heheheheLaura

I'm excited to my brain.... Today I got one more tattoo and the only thing I regret is not getting my other tattoos done with this team.... Wonderful, everyone from the moment you walk in the doors, everything is wonderful... Today I got a tattoo and I don't feel it, it's as if I've had it for years and it didn't hurt at all.... Perfectly perfectMabel

Today I got my first tattoo and I have put myself in the hands of Nina, great professional and tattooed the same design I had, thank you very much!Rebeca

Great professionals! Besides being super nice, today they retouched a tattoo that was pretty bad :S I'm super happy!Belinda

Undoubtedly, the best place and the best professionals ....After searching, comparing, researching and visiting more than 15 studios, I chose it for the professionalism and confidence they give from the first moment. I will be back, I assure you... An unforgettable experience.Hozeliyo

A very cool website, the best I have seen in your sector. I hope to be able to visit you soon and they speak very well of you, there is a lot of publicity of your work here in Cordoba.Sabrina

A team of professionals and lovely people. It has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to put myself in the hands of Fiddo.... It was worth the 4 months of waiting! You have done a wonderful job.Marina

Professionalism, dedication and friendliness. That's what Fido Tattoo is for me. Super happy with the result of my tattoos. Fido you are a master! My Jerry's face is perfect. Thank you very much for everything Fido, Raul and Nina. THANK YOU. RocioRocio

My most sincerely CONGRATULATIONS!!!! FIDO you are a crack of the best. Everyone has been amazed with the tattoo, I will come back and I will recommend you to the people, greetings!!!!Gamarro

From here I want to congratulate this great professional that is Fido. Fuck! Every time I look at my Anubis I flip out more and more. It looks like I was born with it on my arm, it's tremendous and it's not finished yet, thank you and I'll see you on the 6th, greetings to you and Nina, you are the best.Javi

Congratulations here in your guestbook for the beautiful angel St. Michael angel that you draw for me. So that anyone who has any doubts about putting themselves in your hands does not have them because you are a PROFESSIONAL in every sense of the word GREETINGS FROM FERNANDO SOON WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN.Fernando

I recommend the best tattoo artist on the Costa del Sol, a great artist and a better person.Handler

Great website... as great as the shop is and as the tattooist is ... the quality is noticeable!Oso

Alberto I have to tell you that you are an artist, every time I see the Christ I see it more beautiful is perfect, from here I recommend to everyone this piece of professional and good person, Thank you for everything!Javier

Alberto I have to thank you for this special little mermaid, for having exceeded my expectations but above all for having been so close and professional. to those who are hesitating where to go or what to do... do not hesitate to put yourself in his hands !Eloisa


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